Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter of Content

Oh, what a day.

First, I woke up and discovered that my favorite Christmas decoration was not out. I dragged it out and stood with an attitude until my people put it up where it belonged... center stage, in the Christmas village.

And I was really excited about our craft day, because I love glitter! (Not the glass kind of course. Sometimes it gets stuck in my throat.) But then I got a big surprise when Jeanette came over with my present. Of course, I insisted on opening it myself.

Sometimes, people wrap these things really well. But luckily, I'm a forager from way back.

It was just what I asked for: a squeaky godzilla that really needed some breaking in!

Then, we started in on our crafty time. This "Tree in a Box" was pretty cool. It was even big enough to pee on!

But I decided not to do that while everyone was looking.

Then I gave Jeanette her gift from me. I wasn't asked by the photographer to sit for this calendar, but I sat when I gave it.

By the end of all this, I was so tired.

It was a good day.

...And a perfect warm-up for tonight's winter nap.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eat Yer Veggies

I was sharing a few of my snacks yesterday, and I remembered that I should come and thank those of you who have sent your animal companion pictures over to me. It is very helpful in view of the bark-all book I am writing!

However, I want to remind those of you who have ignored my plea for animal pictures, that I must have pictures of your animals. I don't want to have to snarl viciously.

Okay, I must go back and finish snacking. A girl has to maintain her body-mass, after all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Call To Paws

You people! I need pictures of your animal friends!

Send them over right away!


Precious Angel Scout

Friday, November 23, 2007

I had a ball yesterday!

There was so much turkey and dressing and gravy and potatos and pie and cookies and cake and candy that it was all I could do to keep it all down!

(Actually, I didn't. But my person hasn't looked behind the lounge chair, yet.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Short Dry Spell

I'm a very short dog.

The other day, my person took me to the office. I took a walk, I did my business, I had a snack. People came in, I pretended I liked them, I got snacks. My person threw the chewy bone for me, and I showed her who's boss when I almost ripped her face off to get it.

You can see that I had an exhausting morning. I was THIRSTY!

Kiss kiss kiss, she kept picking me up and kissing me, it was very sweet and all, but I kept licking her hands and face and hoped she'd get the hint that I was THIRSTY! But, no. She didn't get it. And all they had at that stupid office was some already chewed gum that was blue and didn't even taste like crap.

It was not my best day.

Oh, and now that I got that off my chest, look at this.
Reeeeally irritating.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Some dogs will do anything for humans.

Oh, brother.
You can't see good in the dark in those stupid costumes!

And what if you have to pee?

I say: dress for safety and comfort.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Big Country

I'm going for my morning walk in a minute. On the day both humans are home, the walk is BIG. I get to go to a big park and run around. There are a bunch of sights and sounds, and the smell of poop is HUGE in the air. Poor humans, they don't notice it as much.

It must be sad being human.

One time I went on a BIG walk on the day they call Sunday, even though sometimes it's not very sunny out. That morning, there was frost on the ground. At least that's what humans call it. I call it, freezing your peepee off.

That day I actually saw chickens. At least that's what mom called them, but I call them dirty stinkin birds. Here's me, giving the chickens what-for:

I guess I told them.
Stupid chickens.

Here I am with what some humans call a big dog. I tried to keep him calm, because I knew he was scared of me.

All in all, a very nice BIG walk. But I have to go now, because I have to get dressed for a BIG walk this morning.

I don't have to wear my big jacket yet. It's still pretty comfortable outside, especially when you're really butch, like me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When I was little, a dog could relax.

Now I gotta be online.