Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Short Dry Spell

I'm a very short dog.

The other day, my person took me to the office. I took a walk, I did my business, I had a snack. People came in, I pretended I liked them, I got snacks. My person threw the chewy bone for me, and I showed her who's boss when I almost ripped her face off to get it.

You can see that I had an exhausting morning. I was THIRSTY!

Kiss kiss kiss, she kept picking me up and kissing me, it was very sweet and all, but I kept licking her hands and face and hoped she'd get the hint that I was THIRSTY! But, no. She didn't get it. And all they had at that stupid office was some already chewed gum that was blue and didn't even taste like crap.

It was not my best day.

Oh, and now that I got that off my chest, look at this.
Reeeeally irritating.


Anonymous said...

Oh Scout the indignities you must suffer. Being kissed on all day long by that insuferable woman. But what really annoys me is that she still refuses to acknowledge your rap name "Scout Master Flash".
Don't worry about being short. You
carry it off very well.

Anonymous said...

You are such a cute little dog.

Would you mind if I ATE YOU FOR BREAKFAST?


Anonymous said...

I hate that dog!

Ack, the Cat