Friday, March 21, 2008

Anyone will tell you that I'm a happy dog. You know why?

I love life.
I'm really easy going.
I am always happy and perky and smiling and I always have a good thought for everyone.

And then they have to ruin everything by giving me a bath.

First, I have to stand one sink away from the garbage.

Then, I was willing to leave politely..

...but they wouldn't let me.

So, I had to restore a little dignity.

I started shaking off water before they even put me in the towel.

It's a good thing they gave me a treat afterward.

Because I love Everyone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Look at this!!

There was a dog show on last night and my people made me sit there and watch it. Of course, it was kinda funny to see what some dogs will put up with to make their people happy. I like it when my people are happy, too. Because it means they'll be eating and drop stuff.

I did notice some interesting things in this show.

There were show-offs.

There were baths. EEWWWWW!

There was pomp and circumstance.


(I'm so glad I don't let my hair grow out like this.)

And there were Badger Dogs!!!

But the coolest thing was...

..there were refreshments.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


My handler told me about a charity project for a no-kill shelter.

This is what I'm thinking: I'm thinking for every arty thing people make for dogs I don't even get to see or sniff, I should get this:

Then, she told me all about a video she saw.

This is what I'm thinking: I'm thinking for every dollar sent to help dogs I don't even get to chase or hump, I should get one of these:

Then my person told me that she was thinking that if I wasn't careful, I'd be getting something like this:

Very funny.