Thursday, January 31, 2008


My handler told me about a charity project for a no-kill shelter.

This is what I'm thinking: I'm thinking for every arty thing people make for dogs I don't even get to see or sniff, I should get this:

Then, she told me all about a video she saw.

This is what I'm thinking: I'm thinking for every dollar sent to help dogs I don't even get to chase or hump, I should get one of these:

Then my person told me that she was thinking that if I wasn't careful, I'd be getting something like this:

Very funny.


Anonymous said...

Lady Madame Scout the Kind of
Westessexchestershire please don't
begrudge Chris her craft projects.
It's just about the only thing keeping her somewhat sane these days!

Becci said...

Chris, I wanted to thank you for your comment! I'm just now getting brave enough to put my Blogspot out there to the public and am realizing that I just love the comments!...This is FUN!

I really love the pictures of your pets on your pages!

Have a great hair day! Beci

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

LMAO! Hey you, don'tcha even think about chewing up those plushies you've been sniffin' around on my (ggtw) site!

And even I don't exactly know what these are... but plush bunnies they are not, so NO CHEWING.

heh you should have seen my dog Freckles wagging her tail, my how let down she was when she discovered these toys weren't for her ~Monica

robin dudley-howes said...

Your blog is hilarious! I mean that is a good funny, ha ha way. You left a comment on my giveaway so I came over to check yours out(making sure I can get a hold of you) and was cracking up. I'm a virgo too....must be that wry dry humor. Your pics a really funny too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the smile. Love this post and those pics in your sidebar are great :o) Thanks for coming by and leaving me such a wonderful comment.

Sandy said...

Hey Chris, I won one of your bird houses and definitely want it--don't know how to contact you .other than this way.

2 said...

Heh Chris! Great post! And thanks for your comment on mine...I think!
Don't be jealous, I got lucky!

Andrea, said...

Great pics


i love the funny cat picture!