Friday, March 21, 2008

Anyone will tell you that I'm a happy dog. You know why?

I love life.
I'm really easy going.
I am always happy and perky and smiling and I always have a good thought for everyone.

And then they have to ruin everything by giving me a bath.

First, I have to stand one sink away from the garbage.

Then, I was willing to leave politely..

...but they wouldn't let me.

So, I had to restore a little dignity.

I started shaking off water before they even put me in the towel.

It's a good thing they gave me a treat afterward.

Because I love Everyone.


Jo Anne O. said...

Too cute Chris!

Thanks for dropping over and checking out my carved stamps! This is going to turn into a very B A D addiction!

Becci said...


Have a great hair day! Becci

digibudi said...

indeedy, toooo cutie! I love everyone too!

Sandra Evertson said...

Hee hee hee, makes me giggle!
I have seen that same look, on my pups face when she
gets her bath! We do love our babies don't we!

Natalie said...


Popping back in to invite you over to my place for a $25 A Fanciful Twist gift certificate give away :).

Zom said...

I love animal blogs. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my art journal.

Susan S. said...

Cute "baby" you have there. I'm glad he got a treat at the end!

Bridget B. said...

Ok, clearly we need more updates on this blog - what a cute dog! And what's the story with the giant rabbit? There's a whole world here that needs more stories!

Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog to check out the little matchbox ornaments . . . clearly, they would look very cute as doghouses, too . . .

Rick said...

Looks like a dog we use to own. His name was Scrappy.

notmassproduced said...


mansuetude said...

i am laughing! Came over from Lynne's blog, saw the word Virgo, so i was at home.

I love your Profile paragraph, it really sounds like a libra, though, all that balancing out ... very funny.

I think the look on the dog is saying, Do i take photos of you in the shower? Cause you know Everyone and everything has a camera these days!

Imagine the doggy blog revenge?

Karen Cole said...

Can't get more adorable than this!

Judy Wise said...

Oh, love love love love love. Can I rub your belly? Can I? xoxoxoxxo