Sunday, October 28, 2007

Big Country

I'm going for my morning walk in a minute. On the day both humans are home, the walk is BIG. I get to go to a big park and run around. There are a bunch of sights and sounds, and the smell of poop is HUGE in the air. Poor humans, they don't notice it as much.

It must be sad being human.

One time I went on a BIG walk on the day they call Sunday, even though sometimes it's not very sunny out. That morning, there was frost on the ground. At least that's what humans call it. I call it, freezing your peepee off.

That day I actually saw chickens. At least that's what mom called them, but I call them dirty stinkin birds. Here's me, giving the chickens what-for:

I guess I told them.
Stupid chickens.

Here I am with what some humans call a big dog. I tried to keep him calm, because I knew he was scared of me.

All in all, a very nice BIG walk. But I have to go now, because I have to get dressed for a BIG walk this morning.

I don't have to wear my big jacket yet. It's still pretty comfortable outside, especially when you're really butch, like me.


Anonymous said...

i guess anyone can have a blog now, i'll have to get my cats busy..

Anonymous said...

I went to the beach today. Lots to smell there, and I left a few of my own smells. My next to favorite thing to do is to say "Hi, I'm Stella!" to every beach dog I see." My absolute favorite thing to do is play frisbee, and roll around in the surf. Mom yelled at me cuz I rolled around on a dead bird. I love dead birds.


Anonymous said...

I hate that dog!

The Cat

Anonymous said...

I hate that cat. She steals my bed.