Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When I was little, a dog could relax.

Now I gotta be online.


Cathie Miller said...

I need some proof that you aren't possing in this pic

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't get to carried away with this blogging thing. I have it good here on Villa -- don't give my humans any ideas! I'll check in whenever their out of the house. If they suspect I can type, there's no telling how miserable my now perfect world might become.
Bone wishes, Hannah
P.S. Feel free to email me directly at

She who must be obeyed said...

I hear ya! I smell ya, too! But don't blame me, it was Kerry's idea for me to do this and she told my dumb ole human!

peas out!

Anonymous said...

I hate that dog.

The Cat.

Anonymous said...

Scout it's about time you shared your thoughts with us. We like the photos too. Sorry we can't blog but we are too busy between going to daycare and barking at the neighborhood dogs. You only children have it so good.

Love Boomer, Piper and Max

Anonymous said...

hey chunky,

i like it! way to speak for all of us animal types. you know, we really don't need that thumb thing. you should see the havoc we wreak when emmy and nancy are gone. they blame it on the dog, but...

i'll keep you posted.
callie, the fur person

Anonymous said...

Cats rule, dogs drool. Ha ha ha!

Little Big Head